The worlds first habit building
Qur'an app. Meet Quranly.

Available to download now on iOS and Android

  Track your reading! Time,
  Verses, Pages and Rewards!

Reading the Qur'an on QURANLY is like nothing you have seen before.

Quranly is optimized for mobile! Our reading format means people end up reading so much more! Users have finished the entire Quran
on the app!

The progress bar at the top is gamified to help you reach your goal! The next button has a small vibration on tap acting as a dopamine trigger!

After completion, you get an update after your reading session telling you exactly what you got! Juz counter!
It tells you exactly how many verses are left till you
reach the next Juz!


Awesome features!

People love this feature! They actually
come back every day just to see how
many people are reading right now!

Quranly Challenges!

We have 3 unique levels of challenges.
A great way to test yourself!

At Alif Easy place to
get started

At Meem level you can finish long Surahs!

At wow level you can finish the entire Quran in 3 days!

Quranly Gems

A series of stories based on verses from the Quran to help you connect deeper with the meaning! 

Quranly Bonus Hasanat!

Based on the hadith of guiding someone to good and getting the same reward, if you share the app and someone reads from it, their Hasanat tracker is reflected on your bonus Hasanat!

Time based challenges!

Quranly is a smart app! This means only on Friday during the daytime, it comes up with the Surah Kahf challenge!

And.... Of-course it reminds you too!

So what are you waiting for?

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